Keloïs is a leading company in Open Source systems and applications Integration. Founded in 2011 by Emmanuel d'Humières, Keloïs manages around thirty servers – in-sourced or out-sourced – for around ten customers spread in Britanny and PACA.

The choice of Open Source is driven by 3 reasons :

  • No software cost
  • Open Source OS are stable and reliable
  • Dynamism of Open Source community

Thanks to these 3 points, Keloïs can easily install innovativ and reliable IT infrastructures at lower prices.

Keloïs is covering Rennes, Cannes and Boulogne-Billancourt.

Keloïs's R&D is located in Cannes, sharing building with Kepler company who asked Keloïs to manage its informations and telephones infrastructures. This historical customer has wished to tie up a partnership customer-supplier to take the advantage of quick developments from Keloïs. This partnership presents a double advantage :

  • Better anticipate IT needs from Kepler
  • Have the benefit of a partner able to validate solutions developed by Keloïs



Emmanuel d'Humières

Emmanuel d'Humières

With an engineer degree, Emmanuel d'Humières worked for more that 10 years in Sun Microsystems Company. Working first in system & networks administration, he moved to proactive aspects for servers of major accounts. Then he developed Solution Center and Professional Services activities within Artesys International company, specialized in Electronic Data System Management.