Kfinder is a powerful search engine allowing you to quickly retrieve any document and email stored in your information system.

You look for a document or an email attachment, and you only remember some of keywords. Just fill them in the appropriate windows ... and Kfinder will quickly retrieve all emails and/or documents corresponding to your criteria. Principle is the same as Google, but focused on documents and mails inside your company.

No more painful searches or files/emails exploration – ending most of the times with no success – : With Kfinder, you will find document you were looking for, and even those you didn't expect !!!

Kfinder is provided with 2 screens :


Recall  : Documents and emails simple search
Mailview  : Complex emails search

Documents and emails search are made with a simple web navigator.

As today more and more documents are sent by emails, documents number increases exponentially, Kfinder will help you to manage your historical asset documents just as if you classified them a minute ago.