With Mailview, you will find any email with just few clicks, just filling up keywords or attributes in a web navigator.

As well as recall, this is all of your emails which are indexed. In opposition to traditional emails search, Mailview is looking for the information in the body of the email, and also in its attachments.

Mailview 1

The previous screen displays the search for all emails whose senders includes the occurrence emd (from field) and have in their body or attachment the keyword Titanic (keywords field). The search returns 2 emails :

  • The first column with the green arrow (emails has been received) or in red if the email has been sent
  • The second and third column indicates sender and recipients
  • The fourth indicates the email subject
  • The fifth indicates the contextual environment and the location in the mailbox
  • The last indicates the date of the email

Keywords usage is based upon simple but efficient functionalities like exact keywords, or approaching keywords (no matter with the accents). A combination of different fields can be used to achieve complex queries and better limits the scope of the results.