The first mission of Keloïs is to help companies organising their information system on technical, organisational and of course financial aspects. To reach this goal, Keloïs delivers 4 axis of Services delivery :

  • IT and telephone audit
  • Keloïs products installation
  • Keloïs products facilities management
  • Consulting

Audit Services :

The audit is a one shot service, generally on customer site, to analyze the existing information system (fixed phone included).

A report is then remitted to customer in order to propose improvements (on technical, organisational or financial aspects). The idea remains the same : propose to the customer lower cost ... for a better solution.


Installation Services:

In the case of a Keloïs platform, a Kfinder or a Kphone solution, Keloïs ensures the installation and the configurations of solutions/products required by the customer. An installation and acceptance test reports are remitted to the customer guaranteeing him that services delivered correspond to what was agreed. This service is invoiced at fixed price.


 Facilities Management Services :

Because IT system is not your job, Keloïs can manage it for you !
Keloïs can achieve all facilities management you need. Services are delivered at fixed prices.
And 4 support services phases on site are planned during the year.


 Consulting Services :

Keloïs have solid knowledge in IT servers, networks, virtualization, storage, desktop phones and electronic documents management systems. Keloïs can help you in all these domains thanks to consulting services.