With Recall, you can find any document and email with few clicks, just filling up some keywords through a web navigator.

In oppositition to classical desktop search solution, this is all of your documents and mails which are indexed from the server.

Recall can search with textual keywords in all the documents of your company (files with pdf, doc, xls, ppt, txt, zip suffixes and even more).


In the previous screen, Recall searches all emails and documents having the keyword Boissy.

  • The first column describes the type of document and allows a quick consultation
  • The second displays the document title, its location and the contextual environment where the keyword appears
  • The third describes the size and date of the document
  • The last is the relevance ranking of the documents returned

Keywords usage are based upon simple but efficient functionalities like exact keywords, or approaching keywords, no matter with the accents. A combination of different fields can be used to achieve complex queries and better limit the scope of the results.