Keloïs offering is composed of 3 software products dedicated to SME world :

  • Keloïs Platform : Stable, reliable and auto-administrated IT platform
  • Kfinder : Search engine to retrieve documents and emails
  • Kphone : IP phone system seamlessly integrated into the IT system


All these products have been developed by Research & Development branch of Keloïs company. Based upon Open Source technologies, these products do not require any software fee.

Keloïs Platform

« The security, simply as well »

The Keloïs platform is an auto-administrated platform specially designed for SME wold with adapted cost to your needs :

  • A perfect stability of your IT server
  • A total security of your data — internally and externally —
  • An IT administration server with a rational and efficient remote administration
  • Software cost equal to 0 — fully based upon Open Source software —
  • Innovative and efficient services
  • Quantifiable results like availability uptime

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 « Everything is there, retrieve all your information in 1 click »

The Kfinder module allows you to :

  • Retrieve any document stored in your server with textual keywords
  • Retrieve any email stored in your server with textual keywords and/or specific criterias
  • Quickly put in place a simple and reliable document management system

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 « The Professional fixed telephony ... simply »

The Kphone solution is a VOIP server allowing you to :

  • To phone at low cost through Internet
  • To fully manage the phone calls strategy
  • To get a high quality level of phone calls
  • To manage in real time the usage of fixed phones
  • To have the benefit of your own fixed number ... no matter where you are

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