Keloïs Platform

The Keloïs platform is an auto-managed server providing many useful services for SME world.

Based upon computers technologies used in large companies, the Keloïs server delivers, for a moderate price, high added-values functions allowing companies to position their IT infrastructure as a real advantage for their development.

Since several years, Keloïs created a new rationalized IT administration which is similar on every Keloïs platform. Priority remains focused on data security and data safeguard thanks to an innovative and powerful backup process.

Keloïs platforms inter-connection allows to quickly realize reliable and complex IT architectures (see examples of IT multi-sites realisations)


Keloïs platform delivers the following features :




Directory Server

Ldap directory server

Integration of Ldap applications

Server migration simplified

File Sharing

Extended ACLs used

Automatic network drive mounts

Mails Server

Large mailboxes management

Spams management

Personalized spams management

Antivirus management

Black-listing protection


Connection based upon Ldap

Sophisticated webmail

Mobile access

Hybrid mode


VPN Server

Integrated VPN access

Authentication based upon ldap

✓(*1): Required mails access provider




Backup Server

Daily backup

Daily archives for long term retention

Immediate restore

Search Engine

Office, pdc, zip, etc documents indexation

Emails and attachments indexation

Instant Messaging

Internal instant messaging server

Instant messages and files sending

Private Cloud Server

File sharing space customers providers

Web application provided

Calendar & Contacts sharing

Calendars & contacts sharing

Web application provided

Mobiles synchronisation

"Digital Signage" Server


Tool ready to build video contents

Broadcast on digital screen


IT & assets management Server


IT & Assets management tool

Help Desk tool

Wiki Server

Tool to easily manage collaborative information